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20 days of RuPaul’s drag race

I know… I’m kinda late for this. But since this show has become quite an obsession for me lately, why the hell not jump on the 20-days-bandwagon? Maybe I’ll even add some points in the end… maybe not. And just because: I’m a 33-year-old heterosexual woman (born as girl and never wanted to be anything else)… not quite the demographic the show was made for, but who cares what they planned for ;)

  1. Favorite Winner - aaaaaaand my list starts with a tie. Who would’ve known! My favourite 2 winners (so far! #teambianca) are Raja and Sharon Needles. Raja is amazing, this queen has more style in her little finger than my whole village combined (including pets). She had me at her first entry to the workroom… that cyclops hat was adorkable and I’ll crochet myself a version of that! Plus she had my favourite runway looks. Now Sharon is the complete opposite. Not that she doesn’t have style, she’s just… different. I wasn’t sure about her first look (wicked witch of the west minus the green), but I was absolutely in love with her from the time the zombiechallenge came up. Never change, both of you!
  2. Favorite Runner-up
  3. Favorite Challenge
  4. Favorite Mini-Challenge
  5. Favorite Quote from the Show
  6. Favorite Fight
  7. Favorite Lip-Synch For Your Life
  8. Favorite Snatch Game Impersonation
  9. Favorite Episode
  10. Best Outfit on the Runway
  11. Worst Outfit on the Runway
  12. Favorite RuPaul song
  13. Favorite RuPaul music video
  14. Favorite Judge (Guest or Main Panel)
  15. Least Favorite Judge (Guest or Main Panel)
  16. Queen who sashayed off first that you wanted to see more of
  17. Least Favorite Queen
  18. Funniest Queen
  19. Most Glamorous Queen
  20. Favorite Queen

My favourite Raja-gifs (not made by me)

and one out of drag

My favourite gifs of Sharon Needles (again, not made by me)

and out of drag:

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